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A guide on how to clean: top 4 tips on wrought iron doors maintenance

If you want to install a magnificent door at the main entrance of your home, make sure that you are choosing a door of the highest quality. Have you ever thought how much wrought iron doors will add beauty and style to your beautiful house? The beauty and baronial looks of wrought iron doors is a noteworthy feature of any residential property. Front doors made up of wrought iron will give your abode a distinctive look and the assurance of coziness and homely ambience. Nonetheless, just like wrought iron gates and fences, wrought iron doors too demand protection against any external barriers and regular upkeep to make it long lasting. Only if you take proper care and maintenance, it will last for several years. Here, we at Jemison Window and Door have provided a concise overview on the top 4 wrought iron maintenance tips. Keep reading to learn more…

  1. Paint- You may want to paint your front door by applying a fresh coat that is most suitable for wrought iron. Better use an oil based paint to cover the rust on your door.
  2. Inspect and remove rust- A wrought iron door is prone to rust. First you need to do after inspecting rust is to successfully remove the minor rust from both the sides of the door by using a piece of sandpaper or fine wire brush and then by using a rust converter available in any hardware store that converts iron oxide into a chemical protective barrier you can remove largely rust affected areas of your door.
  3. Apply primer- It is best to apply a spray of oil-based primer containing rust inhibitor best for your wrought iron door that can create a layer and protect it from water.
  4. Wash with mild detergent- How to get rid of the thick with grime and bird droppings on your door? First dip your sponge on a bucketful of warm water and mild detergent and apply on the door and then scrub gently with your scrubbing brush on both the sides of the door. Then proceed to wash both the sides of the door with clean water.

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