Entry Doors in Hattiesburg, Meredian MS and Pensacola, FL

Why installing the right entry doors matter?

The front or entry door of your home plays an important role due to three big reasons. Firstly, it can have a huge impact when it comes to the curb appeal of your home, secondly, it is a vital factor influencing its installation and last and the most crucial is the home’s security. Considering all this and much more we at Jemison offer a wide range of entry doors in different makes and models. Our service areas include Biloxi, MS, Birmingham, AL, Dothan, Gulf Shores, Hattiesburg MS and Jackson MS.

Advantages of installing our front/entry doors

  • Security- The majority of the people step into their home via the front door, and this is the most widely used ways through which intruders break-in. Installing a new and secure entry door will act as the initial step to secure the home. Outdated and old front doors will fail to offer the security required for keeping unwanted people out. Via installing a new and feature-rich door from us you can boost up the security of your home and enjoy peace of mind learning that your family and possessions are safe
  • Energy efficient- Along with making your home safer, our doors are also more energy efficient. In fact an old door may have leaks or holes in it that allows the air from the outside to enter inside and vice versa. Irrespective of the weather, warm or cold air will leak out. The more hot or cold air enters inside, naturally the more expensive your cooling and heating will be. So installing our doors is worth it
  • Curb appeal- finally, we all are aware of the fact that our home’s first impression counts. And there cannot be a better means of improving the curb appeal of your home dramatically than installing a new and robust entry door. As this is the focal point of a home, a superior quality door will work wonders in setting the tone as well as improving the appearance of the home

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