Jemison Wholesale Door

Old Mobile Iron Door Installation Instructions

Attention: Ensure that you protect your pre-finished iron door throughout the entire installation process. Cover your door while the home is under construction as paint, sheet rock mud or brick mortar can damage the finish. Store your doors carefully to avoid any damage to the finish.

  1. Installation Materials

      1. (12)3”5/16th Galvanized Hex Head Lag Bolts
      2. (12) 5/16th Flat Washers (overall diameter under 1”)
      3. 1 Tube exterior grade caulk
      4. 5/16th drill bit
  2. Basic Handling Instructions

    You will need at least two men to handle and install the iron door unit. Each Iron Door includes 5 pieces (Frame, Door Frame 1, Door Frame 2, Glass Panel 1, Glass Panel 2). Handle each individual piece separately.

  3. Prepare Rough Opening

    1. Your rough opening should be 1 inch larger than the width of your door unit and ½ inch taller. Use table for reference.
      Door Dimensions Rough Opening
      8’ Double Door 64” X 98” 65” X 98 ½”
      9’ Double Door 64” X 110” 65” X 110 ½”
      8’ Single Door 40” X 98” 41 X 98 ½”
      1. ATTN: A larger rough opening will weaken the door installation and may cause injury
      2. Check that the surrounding framing is solid and free of movement. We suggest using 2 X 6 framing or extra bracing in a 2 X 4 wall.
      3. Confirm Subfloor is level. Door must be installed on a level threshold.
      4. Check that opening is plumb and square.
  4. Unpack the Iron Door

      1. Remove the frame from packaging being careful not to damage the finish. Make sure to open on the wall side of the frame to avoid damaging any painted areas. Remove each door from the crating carefully.
      2. Open the glass frame 90 degrees and lift upward to remove from the door panel. Store carefully until needed to protect the finish.
  1. Install Frame

      1. Prep the subfloor for installation with caulking.
      2. Install Door frame into rough opening aligning frame to finished interior or exterior wall surface. We recommend installing so that 1 ½” exposed frame is on exterior surface. Check that frame is level and plumb.
      3. Shim threshold as necessary to level
      4. Once level, install shims between frame and rough opening at each installation hole location. We recommend pre-drilling each hole though shims and into framing to avoid splitting. Begin installing bolts with washers into pre-drilled holes in the frame. Checking after each bolt that the frame remains plumb and level.
      5. Install hole plugs over each bolt.
  1. Install Door Panels and Glass Frames

      1. Reinstall door panels into frame being careful not to damage finish
      2. Reinstall glass frame onto Door panel by lifting glass panel and lowering onto hinge pins.
  1. Check Unit for Proper Installations and Alignment

      1. With Door and glass panels installed, check the unit for proper operation and alignment. Adjust installation screws to maintain correct operation and alignment of door unit.