Window and Door Warranty Information

Window Warranty

Lifetime Warranty On Vinyl Frame And Sash Members

The vinyl extrusions and vinyl components used in our windows are warranted to be free from defects that might result in blistering, peeling, flaking, corroding and fading of the window for as long as you own your home. This Warranty on vinyl frame and vinyl sash shall remain in effect only if normal cleaning practices are followed periodically – see section “Maintenance & Cleaning”. This Warranty shall be null and void if harmful solvents are used to clean the Vinyl frame and/or sash members, or if frame and/or sash members are painted or coated in any way. Warranty on vinyl is fully transferable.

Lifetime Warranty On Insulating Glass

Maritech Windows, LLC. warrants that the insulating glass units contained in the windows will not be an obvious obstruction of vision which is the result of film formation or dust collection between the glass surfaces, for as long as you own your home. This Warranty is fully transferable and covers glass imperfections as described in site line specification sheet. Transferred Warranty will be extended to second owner for 3 years with a 100.00 transfer fee.

Lifetime Warranty On Hardware

Maritech Windows, LLC. warrants that the hardware shall remain in good operating condition, for as long as you own your home. Warranty on hardware is also fully transferable for 3 years only.

  1. Product Use. This Warranty applies only in respect to products used strictly for the purpose for which they were intended.
  2. Warranty Limitations. Maritech Windows, LLC. liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair or replacement, at the discretion of Maritech Windows, LLC. and under no circumstances will Maritech Windows, LLC. be liable for incidental or consequential charges such as, but not limited to, labor cost for any purpose, inconvenience, damage or injury to persons or to property or any other expense. This is a residential Warranty only and does not cover installation, labor, packaging and freight.
  3. Replacement Parts Or Repairs. Maritech Windows, LLC. reserves the right to discontinue or change any of its products or the parts utilized in any of its products at its sole discretion. If any window product or component originally installed in the building is not available at the time of any claim by you under this Warranty, Maritech Windows, LLC. reserves the right to substitute any other model or component as a replacement. During warranty period replacement parts will be supplied at no charge to dealer upon return of defective part.

Lifetime Limited Warranty And Commercial Property Restrictions

The lifetime coverage offered by this Warranty is designed to cover individual homeowners only. In case of vinyl windows purchased by, or installed upon property owned by corporation, governmental agencies, partnerships, trusts, religious organizations, schools, condominiums, co-operative corporate housing arrangements, apartment buildings, commercial construction or any other type of building or premise not used by individual homeowners as their residences, the Warranty period shall be 20 years following the date of installation of the vinyl windows.
Frame = 20 years and Glass = 10 years

Continuation Of Lifetime Warranty After Repair Or Replacement of product

In the event of repair or replacement pursuant to the terms of this Warranty, the original Warranty shall apply to the repair of replacement product and will extend for the balance of the Warranty period in effect at the time the product was proved defective.

Maintenance & Cleaning

The surfaces of Maritech Window products will over time collect a layer of surface dust. Normal dusting with a damp cloth will remove this accumulation of surface dust. If you wish to do a more thorough cleaning of the windows, the following procedures should be followed. Vinyl – A mild solution of household cleaning such as liquid dishwashing detergent may be used to clean windows. Do not use harsh abrasives on vinyl, sill, tracks and weeps should be cleaned yearly.

Procedures And Conditions Of Warranty Remedy

In the event that Maritech Windows, LLC. obligation under this Limited Warranty is sought, the Owner must notify the Dealer/Distributor within thirty days after the defect has first appeared. For this Warranty to be valid it must be filled out and returned within 30 days after closing.

Such notification must contain the following:
A-Name and address of the Owner. B-Date of installation. C-Description of the defect.

Exclusions From Warranty Coverage

The following are excluded from coverage under this Warranty:
A. Exposure to sunlight, air pollutants and normal atmosphere conditions may cause all vinyl surfaces to gradually fade, chalk or suffer an accumulation of dirt or stains. These are normal occurrences and are not covered under Maritech Windows, LLC. Warranty. B. Any Defect, malfunction or failure to perform, which has occurred because of unreasonable use, improper application or failure to perform reasonable or necessary maintenance. C. Any damage to the windows or components or the windows caused by settlement or structural defects of the building in which they are installed or damage caused by improper handling or installing. D. Any damage caused by wind, hail, lighting or other acts of Nature, intentional acts, accidents, negligence or exposure to harmful chemical or pollutants. E. Broken glass or torn screening from any cause of whatsoever. F. Any window, which has been repaired or attempted to have been repaired or modified by any person other than an authorized representative of Maritech Windows, LLC. G. Condensation on windows which may occur as the natural result of humidity within the house or building area and changes in outside/inside temperatures, does not indicate a manufacturing defect and would not be included in this Warranty.

Mahogany Door Warranty

Jemison Window & Door warrants our doors against manufacturing defects for a period of one year. Before leaving our plant, your door has been inspected for any defects in materials and workmanship and is carefully packaged to protect it during transit. No labor or re-finishing expenses are included in this warranty.

Jemison Window & Door warrants our glass for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase of the insulated panel against permanent failure of the unit’s edge seal, resulting in fogging. For a period of 5 years, Jemison will, at our option, either refund the purchase price of the glass panel or provide replacement glass if the pattern is still in production.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

  1. Variations in color, texture and grain of the wood. These occur naturally and are not considered a defect.
  2. Lack of adequate overhand above any door unit  (1/2 height of from floor to roof above door unit)
  3. Unfit weather conditions such as, no overhang, direct west or southwest sun exposure that allows excessive heat build-up. (For high sun exposure stain a lighter color, and add an extra coat of spar urethane to reduce heat.)
  4. Doors not properly sealed on all SIX sides within 72 hours of arrival. (We will provide detailed finishing instructions with purchase.)
  5. Warp for 6’8″ door that doesn’t exceed 1/4″
  6. Warp for 8’0″ door that doesn’t exceed 1/2″
  7. Improper installation. Frames must be square, plumb, and properly shimmed during installation.
  8. Doors painted black (or any other dark color) with any sun exposure will not be warranted.
  9. Due to excessive heat build-up, any door used with a glass storm door will not be warranted.
  10. Local building code requirements are the sole responsibility of the homeowner (i.e., Miami Dade City, etc.)

Iron Door Warranty

Jemison warrants the structure, bearings, hinges, and latches to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Glass is warranted for 1 year against any material obstruction of view caused by a defect in material and workmanship under normal circumstances. The finish is warranted for 1 year. This warranty will be void if the door is not stored, installed, and maintained correctly. The following are not considered defects in material and workmanship and are not covered under this warranty:

  • Damage caused beyond the control of Jemison Wholesale Door including but not limited to misuse, mishandling, and acts of nature.
  • Damage or excessive wear of finish from elements due to inadequate overhang. The minimum overhang should equal 1⁄2 the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang.
  • Scratches and scuff marks made to the finish through shipment or installation. Touch-up kits are available for purchase.
  • Minor finish color differences. Each door is handmade and one of a kind. Slight variations to the finish color are expected.
  • Condensation or temperature change on the inside of the doors during extreme temperatures.
  • Rust where the finish of the door has been scratched or compromised
  • Labor and delivery costs for warranty replacements

Claim Procedures and Remedies

All warranty claims must be emailed to warranty@jemisonspecialtydoors.com within the warranty period. Upon validation by Jemison Specialty Doors of a warranty claim, at our discretion, we will:

  • Provide a replacement to the customer at no cost
  • Refund the purchase price for the product
  • Provide a replacement door at a discounted price
  • In the event that a factory-applied finish is defective, Jemison’s will either refinish the door or
    refund up to $300 to the owner.

Maintaining/ Cleaning Door

To clean your Iron Door, we suggest using mild soap and water only with a soft cloth. Using harsh chemicals (Mineral Spirits, Oops Remover, etc.) or abrasive cleaning materials will break down the finish and potentially damage the door. The door’s hinges should be greased once a year to ensure smooth operation