Meredian, MS, Montgomery, AL, Pensacola, FL Entry Doors

Check out the different types of entry doors

Being a homeowner how often do you pay attention to the entry door? This is a pity as it is the entry/front door that plays a very important role in your house. Along with being your home’s getaway it will also offer the initial exclamation mark with regards to the entry procession. We at Jemison Window and Door offer a wide range of entry doors of different materials and budget range to people residing in and around Biloxi, MS, Dothan, Gulport MS, Jackson MS, Monroeville and Pensacola FL.

Types of doors that we offer

  • Steel doors- Steel doors are an excellent choice for an entry door. It is affordable and acts as a strong barrier from intruders. These come in different styles and specifications so you can choose one as per your taste and budget
  • Fiberglass doors- mimicking the look of real wood, doors made of fiberglass come in assorted varieties. The best part is it needs minimal maintenance and are highly durable. Besides, it is weather resistant and hard for intruders to penetrate thereby making it an excellent choice for an entry door. It will also boost up the value of your home
  • Wood doors- This is an all time favorite since ages and why not it carries a truly luxurious appeal. If you want an entry door that is grandiose, stunning and classic then wood is the material for you. It is the most costly amid the three and needs maximum maintenance. Most importantly, it is hassle free to repair the scratches compared to dents that are caused in fiberglass or steel. But it requires to be re-stained, refinished or repainted every year to keep away from weather damage, warping and splitting.

Value, good looks and durability what more do you want. The right entry door along with increasing the curb appeal will also act as a good investment and definitely with a good payback.