Wrought Iron Doors in Birmingham and Montgomery, AL

Before stepping into the interior of a house, the entrance door is the first thing that guests usually notices. While decorating the interior and exterior of a home, we should keep in mind about the importance of the entrance door. We all know that “first impression is the last impression”.  An impressive entryway to a home should be made in such way that people are filled with a sense of awe and that can be done only by installing wrought iron doors. Not only does it adds charm to a property but also enhances the aesthetic value to it. We, Jemison are a leading hand-forged wrought iron door manufacturer and distributor in Jackson MS. We have been in ornamental iron and home restoration business in for the past 30 years. We also operate in Hattiesburg MS, Lucedale MS, Meridian MS and also Pascagoula MS.

Even though it is quite expensive, myriads of people are now benefiting from using wrought iron doors as entrance doors. Why? Here, we will see 5 advantages of wrought iron doors apart from visual grandeur.

  • Safety- Security is one of the most important reasons why we should select a wrought iron door. Unlike- wood and fiberglass doors, they are not unbreakable. Wroughtiron doors are impenetrable to what a criminal or a gangster would use to break-in.
  • Minimal maintainace- Wrought iron doors require little maintenance. Cleaning the doors with the help of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a soft rag will bring back the glow of the wrought iron.
  • Durability and strength- Wrought iron doors are the ultimate solution to weathering and can last for many years.
  • Beauty- Since, wrought iron entry doors are handcrafted, they are available in different designs. So, we can say that it is a work of art on hinges, making it to stand out from the rest homes in the neighborhood.
  • Available in different sizes and shapes- Wrought iron doors are available in different shapes and sizes, like- rounded-top, square-top and multiple openings.