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We, at Jeminson Window & Door, are your one-stop-shop for quality replacement windows and doors like pre-hung doors, iron doors, or custom doors. Our great variety of products can adorn your homes in a beautiful way without any trouble. We offer you to efficient, reasonable, and easy care windows and doors that can help you minimize your energy bills up to 35%. With our extensive experience of about 2 decades and a team of experienced and helpful professionals, we have earned a name for ourselves in and around Biloxi MS, Daphne, Dothan AL, Hattiesburg MS, Montgomery AL, and Saraland. So, whether it is your remodeling project at home or simply designing a new home from the scratch, we are ready to help you. While we are on the topic of remodeling or renovation, when exactly do you think you need a door renovation? 

There can be several signs that you need to replace the doors of your home with a brand new one. Here, we have gathered a few. Let’s check them out.  

  1. Unable to Open or Close the Doors:Are you having difficulty trying to open or close your door? Does it not open or close at all? Or even if it does, o you have to apply a lot of force? This could be a real struggle. Either the door had not been installed properly or it has been worn-out over the course of time due to weather changes and rains. Door-swelling, rotting, and warping are some common issues that often result in door replacement. 
  1. Noisy Hinges: Do you have squeaky hinges? Whenever you open or close your door, does it make an annoying sound? It means that the hinges are wearing down. And loose hinges mean that it can forcibly open easily, thereby inviting the threat of intruders, thieves, and burglars. You might want to add lubrication to make the process smoother but this is a sign that your door is also about to give away. Hence, instead of wasting your money on repairs, think of apermanent solution, i.e., change the doors completely. 
  1. Visible Cracks: Often you will notice light entering through the door. It means there are visible cracks on your door. The point is if there are cracks in the door, it does not only welcome sunshine but also bugs and drafts, indicating that the door has become old and structurally weak. And it is certainly time to replace them with a new one. 

So, without any further delay, quickly resort to us for your brand new door. Call us at (866) 962-8725 for a free estimate.