Three Must Ask Questions When Purchasing Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacment Windows

Purchasing Replacement Windows can seem like a daunting task when you first begin. Often, with the sales tactics of today, it can be hard to determine what truly is most important when making this decision. That is why we have narrowed it down to three must ask questions when purchasing replacement windows to ensure you get the best windows for your home.

Does the replacement window price include options such as grill patterns, frame colors other than white, or a full energy efficiency package at no additional cost?

Many of our competitions Replacement Window base price only includes white vinyl frames, no grill patterns, or any energy efficiency upgrades. So, while at first glance, it may appear that you are getting a great deal on your new windows, once the additional features are added the price increases dramatically.

At Jemison’s, we know the importance of providing our customers with a great product and upfront pricing. All of our Replacement Windows are fully customizable at no additional cost. You can choose from White, Clay or Pebblestone exterior finishes and any grill pattern. Check out our window customizable options here.

The Energy Efficiency package, which comes standard on all of our Replacement Windows, is something we are extremely proud to offer. Your windows will come will 366 Low-E Glass and Argon Gas to prevent solar heat gain in your home. These Windows have received the highest stamp of approval from Energy Star. Energy Star, a government-backed program,  provides consumers with unbiased information on energy-efficient products. We are proud that our replacement windows have received their approval. Click here to read more specifics about the energy-efficiency of our Replacement Windows.


New Vinyl Replacement Windows

New Vinyl Replacement Windows

Who will be installing my Replacement Windows?

Did you know that how your window is installed is equally as important as the specific window you purchase?  Proper installation ensures that your windows will function perfectly for years to come. While most companies subcontract out the installation of their replacement windows, Jemison’s does not. We know how important it is that every replacement window is installed perfectly. That is why we only use our own employees for each replacement window installation. The installation employees at Jemison’s are specially trained with years of experience.  When you replace your windows with Jemison Window & Door you can trust that you are not only getting the best replacement window on the market but also the best installation available. ..


What is the warranty on my replacement windows?

Jemison Window & Door provides a lifetime limited warranty on all of our replacement windows at no additional cost. This warranty covers the vinyl frame, all hardware, and the insulated glass. We believe in the quality of the window we sell, so we stand behind it. At Jemison’s, we know a great warranty is only part of the equation. What matters to you is that the company you choose will be around to honor the warranty they offer. With Jemison’s you can rest assured that we will be here for you.  Jemison’s is a locally owned and operated family business. We have been in business for over 30 years and look forward to many more in the future.  We would love to do business with you, so call or stop by today.